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AT-TV TEA TIME is a podcast dedicated to getting the TEA on all things industry. I will be speaking with a variety of people who work across the industry, from production, Tech, editorial, to talent. Everyone from directors to make up artists to talent to get the inside scoop on how they got to where they are today and what their individual journeys have been like. This podcast is aimed to offer those thinking of a career in the industry a real insight into how it works and what roles are available to them. It can also be for those who work in the industry and want to gain knowledge of others roles

Available on Apple & Spotify Podcasts and Youtube Below:

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RCRDSHOP, is a live music platform dedicated to the promotion of quality artists. Based in London the brand began in 2017 with the curation of small bespoke live music events focusing on finding under appreciated talent within the underground music scene. Quickly gaining a strong word of mouth reputation the event’s ability to organically develop talent began to increasingly attract the attention of prolific artists, brands and the wider music industry.

I produce pre- show and post-show interviews with upcoming artists to give them a chance at having an interview and to talk and promote their material.

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